Getting The Job Done

Top – N-Uno Alex N-One @M.O.M

Jean – N-Uno Alex N-Nine @M.O.M

Neckless – Swallow Revolver Male

Earrings – **RE** Elegance

Bracelet – **RE** Elegance

Pose – Purple Poses Patrick @M.O.M

When I Let Go Of What I Am, I Become What I Might Be

Hair – Tableau Vivant Choko Old Gift

Kitana – {Body Factory} Kombat Kitana Silver @We ❤ Rp

Bracelet – {Body Factory} Legacy Bracelet Blk @We ❤ Rp

Bottom – {Body Factory} Kizaru Blk Dragon @ We ❤ Rp

Top – {Body Factory} Wicked Ranger Blk

Pant – Stark Leather Blk Pant And Boots

Pose – Purple Poses Kitana 1 Kitana Included On Hand @M.O.M